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James F. Harker, Esq.                         Robert & Linda Harra                         Claire McElwee

Thomas Herlihy III, Esq.                      Michael J. Hare                                    Alan Levin

Molly Truncellito                 


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                             Alan Levin


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Gallucio's                                                       Cosi                                                            Nicola Pizza                  

The Cheesecake Factory                         Kelly's Logan House                            The Greene Turtle

BBC Tavern and Grill                                 Texas Roadhouse                                  Kid Shelleen's        

Abbott's Grill                                                Betsy Ross Pizza                                   Spoon's Catering

Joseph Silvestri & Sons                            Hy-Point Farms                                     Metro Grill     

Simaron Steaks & Subs                             Immediato's                                           301 Plaza Restaurant

Tom Foolery's                                               Willey Farms                                          The Melting Pot

Teaspoon's Catering