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James F. Harker, Esq.                         Robert & Linda Harra                         Claire McElwee

Thomas Herlihy III, Esq.                      Michael J. Hare   


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Our Restaurant Sponsors:

Gallucio's                                                   Cosi                                                          Nicola Pizza                  

The Cheesecake Factory                          Kelly's Logan House                                 Georgia House

Dead Presidents                                        BBC Tavern and Grill                                Big Oyster

Texas Roadhouse                                      Kid Shelleen's Charcoal House                Abbott's Grill

SoDel Concepts                                         Buttery                                                     Betsy Ross Pizza

Pizza by Elizabeth's                                    Buffalo Wild Wings                                   Pat's Pizza

Joseph Silvestri & Sons                              Hy-Point Farms                                        Spoon's Catering

Smith's Family Restaurant                         Simaron Steaks & Subs                            US 13 Grill

Smyrna Diner                                             Immediato's                                              301 Plaza Restaurant

Metro Grill                                                  Saladworks                                               Middletown Diner

1861 Restaurant                                        Stargate Diner                                          Applebee's

Tom Foolery's                                            Willey Farms                                                   

Bridgeway Family Restaurant                   Dunkin' Donuts                                        The Melting Pot