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Advisory Board

Volunteers from the community are organized to strengthen The Salvation Army’s ability to serve.  The Advisory Board is charged with the responsibility of advising and assisting The Salvation Army in all activities in the State.  The Board is considered the parent body, coordinating the activities of the other advisory organizations including councils and auxiliaries.  The Advisory Board renders valuable service by enhancing our communication and networking throughout our State with corporations, government, social service agencies, schools, churches, the media, our local communities and more.  This bridge is key to our ability to help others in need.

Captains Lisa and Timothy Sheehan
Delaware State Coordinators

Delaware State Advisory Board

Chair – Claire F. McElwee
Vice Chair – Neil Weissman

Treasurer –


Anthony Casale
Martin Hageman
Michael J. Hare
James Harker, Esq.
Robert V. A. Harra, Jr. (Life Member)
Thomas Herlihy, III, Esq. (Life Member)
Ted. F. Januszka
Kathy Kennedy-Ratajack
Anthony Medori
James M. O’Hara, Jr.
James R. Selsor, Jr.
John P. Stafford
Greg Star
Pat Thompson
Robert Tracy
Joseph Yacyshyn
Cynthia Zentresca