Wish List

We continue to have other needs - please review and help if you can:

  • Our kitchen now serving up to 200 meals a day is in need of a commercial stove, refrigerator, meat slicer, a new coffee maker
  • Computer for seniors use. 
  • Our Emergency Shelter needs a replacement Washer / Dryer as well as a replacement ice machine and dishwasher.
  • Our outdoor area now has new picnic tables and several new sun umbrellas. - Thank You
  • Our building is in need of an update to our security system - including additional security cameras
  • Our children's bathrooms are in need of a refurbishment.
  • Several of our building water fountains - serving our day-care area need repairs or replacement including water filter replacements.
  • Our gym requires a resurfacing and we need new equipment for our activity and sports programs - including additional basketballs
  • Our Day Care & After School program are hoping for new signage on our building to help promote maximum program enrollment. In fact our entire building campus is overdue for a signage update to help our visitors find the many programs in our building.

Need AED Units!

We have learned that we will need to replace our current AED Unit as well as find funds for several more units.  We're estimating that this could cost upwards to $8,500, depending on the model of AED.  Each one of the AEDs featured above, costs in the neighborhood of $1,700.

We are seeking a patron or perhaps a discounted source for replacement of our equipment.

Is this you?

Or maybe you know of someone who can help us.

You may literally be a lifesaver.