About The Salvation Army

Doing the Most Good for the Most People in the Most Need.

The Salvation Army Carlisle Corps is located in the heart of historic Carlisle at 20 E Pomfret Street. Majors John and Alma Riley, the leaders of the corps are called "Corps Commanding Officers." They provide not only administrative leadership but they  also are the center's pastors.

In keeping with The Salvation Army's mission to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to promote the alleviation of human suffering, Corps programs range from Sunday worship services, Bible Studies, and Vacation Bible School to crisis alleviation case management, feeding programs, and housing programs. Other programs include a Senior Action Center, character-building recreational programs for youth, leadership and life skills development, and much more.

The Salvation Army is looking for people who will step forward to join in the peaceful, joyful fellowship of believers and the ongoing war against human suffering. If you are interested in attending, whether for church on Sunday or involvement during the week -- whether as a volunteer, curious visitor, participant, or would-be soldier -- simply stop by. You are always warmly welcome.




We are pleased to announce that Lieutenants Melissa and Oziel Urbaez have joined us as the Corps Commanding Officers of the Carlisle Salvation Army. Most recently, the couple was serving in The Salvation Army in Wilkes-Barre, PA where they were the Corps Commanding Officers for four years. Prior to committing their lives to full-time service in The Salvation Army, Lt. Melissa worked as an RN for a private health care agency outside of Philadelphia and Lt. Oziel worked in the Human Resource department at The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters in Philadelphia. Lt. Melissa holds a RN from Frankford Nursing School, and is currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Non-profit Business Management. Lt. Oziel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Nyack College and is currently working on an MBA with a concentration in non-profit. Both are due to complete their degrees next spring from Asbury University.

Lt. Oziel grew up in Miami, Florida. His parents were in ministry his whole life and are retired Salvation Army Officers. Lt. Oziel’s parents entered The Salvation Army Training College while he was in High School. Lt. Oziel soon fell in love with The Salvation Army and its mission. He volunteered many hours in different corps in Bethlehem PA, Suffern NY, and Philadelphia PA. He has also worked in the Development Department as the Assistant Marketing Director at The Salvation Divisional Headquarters in Boston.

Lt. Melissa grew up in Philadelphia, PA where she started going to The Salvation Army Pioneer Corps at just six years old. She has spent many hours volunteering at The Salvation Army and has spent some time volunteering with The Salvation Army overseas.

Lts. Melissa and Oziel felt called to do more, and entered into full-time ministry with The Salvation Army in 2014. They have been married for 11 years and have two young children: Ellyana (9 years old) and Evangelina (7 years old).