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Project Break Through is a program offered by The Salvation Army to help participant families improve their economic self-sufficiency and family stability and break out the cycle of poverty.

The program uses case management & mentoring to work on identifying goals and obstacles and then to come up with a workable game plan to help program participants OVERCOME what’s standing in their way, acquire the education, resources and tools, along with receiving encouragement and support, needed to achieve their goals.


It encourages growth through:

  • Setting realistic life-changing goals
  • Offering classes tailored to meet needs such as financial planning, job skills, self-esteem, and parenting
  • Providing a mentor to support and encourage
  • Sponsoring special family nights to reduce isolation and promote confidence

Studies show while having income is essential, generally it isn't enough to pull a family out of poverty.

Studies also show that children of families with a LONG-TERM ASSET statistically have better grades and a higher graduation rate. Helping participant families achieve a long-term asset, along with giving them the necessary life tools and support as they work towards it, not only gives them a better chance to stay permanently financially self-sufficient . . . It also gives the children a greater chance of avoiding intergenerational poverty.

Do I Qualify To Be In Project Break Through?

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have a minor child or children?
  • Currently, am I actively chemically clean?
  • Am I motivated and willing to become self-sufficient?
  • Am I willing to make a minimum of a one year commitment?
  • Do I reside in Lycoming County?

Mentoring: Become a Part of the Solution

Volunteer mentors assist by listening, supporting, and encouraging the families to realize their goals and break the cycle of poverty. Through the mentoring relationship, families and volunteers develop committed friendships.


Characteristics of a mentor

  • Encourages a mentee to think, act & evaluate
  • Praises, prods, connects & listens
  • Helps identify & develop potential and shape a new style
  • Encourages a mentee to use their strengths, follow their dreams, and accept new challenges
  • Gives recognition for effort and improvement
  • Has resonable expectations
  • Identifies strengths, talents & assets, and suggests small steps in new or difficult tasks


Do you feel led to help a family in need?

The commitment consists of:

  • Initial mentor training
  • Periodic meetings with project Break Through Manager and other mentors
  • Monthly meeting with family
  • Weekly phone calls with family

For more information, call (570) 326-9187 and ask for the Project Break Through Manager.