Partners in Service

A major source of our strength comes from members of Salvation Army advisory councils.  Advisory council members are concerned men and women who voluntarily use their professional skills and knowledge of the community to make a practical difference for their neighbors, strengthening The Salvation Army's ability to serve.


These community members provide advice and guidance in areas such as overseeing large-scale capital campaigns, creating outreach services, public relations and fundraising, management and personnel development, and building improvement and maintenance. They also interpret local culture, trends and needs to assist the Army in developing new ministries or modifying existing programs. Their commitment to serving others unites them with like-minded professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds.



Tracey Smith
Board Chair
Barry Dobil
Pos: Owner Bus: Josh Early Candy
Frank Smith
Pos: NAI Business Director Bus: NAI Summit Management
Oldrich Foucek
Pos: Attorney Bus: Norris, Mclaughlin & Marcus
Don Wieand
Pos: Attorney Bus: Stevens & Lee
Alison Pickel
Pos: Vice President Bus: GLV Chamber of Commerce
John Gregor
Pos: General Manager Bus. Packaging Horizons Corp
Pamela Adams
Pos: Physician Coordinator Bus: Lehigh Valley Health Network
Paul Eichman
Pos: Financial Planner Bus: PKS Investments
John Kukitz
Pos: Retired Bus: PPL
John Bast
Pos: Fire Chief Bus: Easton Fire Department
Sandi Dale
Pos: Retired Bus: YuleTree Farms
Dana Burns
Pos: Media Relations Manager Bus: PPL
Brian Carr
Pos: Vice President Finance Bus: Sands

If you would like more information regarding the Lehigh Valley Advisory Board or how you can become involved, please contact Michael Kukitz at 610-432-0128 or by email at Deirdre Govan@USE.SalvationArmy.org