General Service

Do you have a skill or talent you want to share?  Do you have some free time you wanted to fill by volunteering?  Do you represent a group interested in a one-time project?  We might be just the place for you. 

Please call us at 610-696-8746 or email us at to see where your time and abilities meet our needs and goals.  From clerical work to cleaning, organizing the pantry shelves to painting an office, hall or room, we will do our best to use your time effectively and in a manner that feels most rewarding to you.

Keep reading for some areas that frequently need volunteers….


Ministry of the Bells


Red kettles and ringing bells at Christmas are what most people associate with The Salvation Army.  This ministry provides almost half of our annual income.  We ring bells Monday through Saturday from the week before Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve.

If you or a group you represent would like to “man a kettle” this Christmas season, please call now to reserve your date and time.  We would love to have groups willing to perform (singing Christmas carols, instrumental music, dancing, martial arts groups practicing forms, tai chi groups, etc.)  - Anything that gathers people to the kettle. 


Christmas Adopt-A-Child

Would you or your family, work friends, book club, neighborhood, classroom, etc. like to purchase Christmas gifts for a child in need this year?  Each child that qualifies for our program provides a wish list including sizes.  We ask adopters to commit to a total expenditure of $75-$100 total for approximately 3-5 gifts from the wish list per child.

Or, when these gifts arrive, we need to check for safety, correct sizes etc. and fill and tag a bag for each child in preparation for distribution day.  This takes several days of very concentrated efforts and volunteers are vital to the process.  If you 3-6 hours over one or two days, we would love to have your assistance in this extremely rewarding work. 


Mobile Red Kettle


You can help The Salvation Army do the most good in West Chester by hosting a Mobile Red Kettle during our Christmas season fund drive.  A Mobile Red Kettle is our virtual red kettle, and it is a safe and secure way for people to donate by credit card either online or through their phones.  As a host, you can crowd fund and solicit donations from your friends and peers through email and social media, and they can either donate or become fundraisers too by hosting their own Mobile Red Kettle as well.  All proceeds collected through Mobile Red Kettle go to The Salvation Army of West Chester in support of our programs and services for those in the greatest of need.  To learn more about the Mobile Red Kettle program and how you can help others this holiday season (from the comfort of your own home!), contact us at  610-696-8746 or email us at


Community Meal Program


The Salvation Army of West Chester Community Meal Program provides breakfast and dinner to anyone in the community.  For some it is a meal they would not have otherwise.  For others it is fellowship instead of another meal eaten alone.  Our goal is to nourish body and soul at our table. 

Breakfast is served Monday thought Thursday at 7:00am.  Dinner is served Saturday through Thursday at 5:00pm. 

Our cook makes breakfast and dinners are mostly provided by dedicated church groups, social organizations and individuals called to serve other in this manner.  Approximately four evenings a month a not reserved and we welcome groups and individuals who might want to prepare a meal, serve a meal or do both.

Please contact us at 610-696-8746 or email us at to reserve a date to volunteer in our Community Meal Program.


Manna from Heaven Pantry


When our low-income/next-to-no-income neighbors speak, the Salvation Army listens!  With food insecurity plaguing more families and individuals than many residents of Chester County might imagine, we at West Chester’s Salvation Army refuse to ignore the “well-kept secret.” 

With our new shelving displays highlighting healthier food options like fresh produce, low-sodium and whole grain selections, plus paper products, personal care items and more, our clients can enjoy hassle-free shopping as they select groceries that best suit the needs of their families.

You can help in several ways.  Be aware of those who might be experiencing food insecurity (it just might be your neighbor who recently lost a job, or an elderly widow who makes-do on canned soup every day), and recommend our pantry.   Volunteer to help us keep things organized, come to sort and box an incoming food drive or bring us some desperately needed items for the pantry. 

Finally, volunteering to head up a food drive in your neighborhood to benefit Manna from Heaven is always a huge help.  Talk to us about how you can target a specific need. Did you know that for every 25 pounds of pasta we receive, we get approximately one jar of spaghetti sauce…same with cans of tuna and no mayonnaise?  Give us a call at 610-696-8746 or email us at and we’ll be happy to share ideas.

Life can change in an instant.  Be part of the go-to community where people experiencing “valley times” can find positive sources for change. 


Project-based Events

On several occasions, we have had groups of employees from local businesses come to paint an office or our dining room.  Another group might help us to sort gifts for our Adopt a Child program at Christmas.  Another group might want to provide and plant items to landscape our small square of green on the side of our building.  Bring us your ideas and dates and we will do our best to work with your interests.