Dear Salvation Army Friends,

              The West Chester Salvation Army has been operating out of 101 East Market St for 129 years. We have been able to help our community because of your support and dedication to those less fortunate than us. Many of you are partners, donors, volunteers, and so much more. You are working alongside us to help our community each and every day. Many of you ring bells in Christmas, make a meal, buy food for our pantry, and help us with your monetary donations.

It does not go unnoticed your hard work and dedication to others. We can “DO THE MOST GOOD” because we work together as a team. Captain Jesus and Maria Corraliza will like to thank you for all your support during the 2020 year. Thank you for believing in the work we do, thank you for the work that you do, thank you for giving a helping hand to those in need, but furthermore, thank you because everything you do makes the kingdom of God grow.    

 Words cannot express our gratitude for each and every one of you. Please know that you are prayed for and loved by our staff and us. We hope that 2021 is a year filled with many blessings from the Lord.


With love and great gratitude,