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In 1865, William Booth spent his days and nights preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the destitute people of London, England. In his attempt to reach these people, Booth challenged the accepted concept of church and took his preaching to the streets. Booth traveled throughout England conducting evangelistic meetings. Booth's services were an instant success. He quickly became well known as a religious leader throughout London and attracted followers who were dedicated to fighting for the souls of men and women.

In 1867, Booth had only 10 full-time workers, but by 1874, Booth's followers had grown to 1,000 volunteers and 42 evangelists. At this time, the group was serving under the name "The Christian Mission." The group officially adopted the title of "The Salvation Army" in August of 1878.
The ministry migrated to America in 1885, where The Salvation Army's first meeting took place in Philadelphia. After receiving a warm welcome, The Salvation Army expanded its operation throughout the United States. Today, there are more than 9,000 Salvation Army centers and local neighborhood units in the United States. For more detailed information and an in-depth look at the history of The Salvation Army, visit:



 The Salvation Army History York, PA

 Even though the following history is incomplete it does show the wide range of community activities in which the army has been involved.  A lot has happened in over 100 years, and what we are doing lays the foundation for the next 100+ years.
 1885 - Capt. Ella Callender and Lt. Annie Holmes arrived in York on  November 14thth  from Brooklyn, NY.  They came with $0.14 to begin the ministry.
 1885 - First meeting held on Nov. 14th at the Odd Fellows Hall.  Attendance reached 1,000 people at some of the meetings.
 1889 - York Corps officially entered in the disposition of forces on Dec. 20th under the direction of its first official leaders, Capt. And Mrs. Gully.
 1914 - WWI began - United States entered in 1917.
 1921 - A building at 128 West Market St was purchased in January to be the Corps building.
 1929 - The Salvation Army, in December of 1929, initiated apple selling with 5 stands on Market and George Streets.  The apples sold for $0.05 each.  All the funds went to help the poor of the Great Depression.
 1934 - Transient shelter at 32 Jefferson Ave provided 64-75 homeless men showers, food, shelter, clothing and shoes.
 1934 - A Red Shield Emergency Shelter for transient and single men at the corner of Newton and Court Avenues served 200 people daily.
 1939 - WWII began.
 1942 - The Salvation Army's Red Shield Club dealt with the servicemen by providing a canteen in Continental Square for them.  Ladies did knitting for the war effort and provided lodgings for the GI's.  The also provided boxed lunches and Bibles for the New inductees.
 1957 - The Salvation Army embarked on a fund raising effort to build a new Corps building.
 1960 - July - Sales agreement for building on 128 West Market Street made with Schaffer Flower Shop.
 1960 - August - Ground breaking for the new citadel at 50 East King Street.
 1961 - Building at 50 East King Street dedicated to the Glory of God 10/1/61.
 1962 - Building dept erased in March of 1962.
 1962 - Women's Auxiliary organized in March of 1962.
 1964 - The Ralph and Bessie Free memorial Building constructed (rear of 114 South Duke Street).  Dedicated on 6/14/64.
 1971 - The Salvation Army was involved in the area softball leagues and concession stands for 15 years.
 1972 - Hurricane Agnes devastated York County.  The Salvation Army provided food and shelter for those in need.
 1975 - The Salvation Army helped with the processing of Vietnamese at the New Cumberland Army Depot.
 1980 - The Salvation Army in York opens its Thrift Store in June of this year.
 1981 - A new step van was purchased for the Thrift Store operation to be used to make pickups of the donations.
 1982 - The Salvation Army purchases the building at 118 south duke Street to be used for the Emergency Assistance Program.
 1982 - The Bob Hoffman Human Services center located at 114-116 South Duke Street was dedicated on 1-10-82.
 1983 - The Salvation Army expanded its Thrift Store operations by opening a new store in Red Lion, Pa.
 1987 - The warehouse at 131 East Newton Street burned down on 12/23 due to arson.  New warehouse was acquired and located on 200 North Broad Street.
 1988 - The Salvation Army distributed $26,458 in food to 6,684 families in 1988.
 1989 - November 3,4,5 - The York Citadel Corps celebrated its 100 years of service in a festive weekend, culminating with a service at the Asbury United Methodist Church.  General Arnold Brown ® challenged the corps to be faithful to their calling.
 1994 - Hispanic ministries for The Salvation Army begin in York at 351 E. Princess St.
 1996 - Campaign to build a new chapel building at 124 South Duke Street begins.
 1997 - Purchase of Temple Corps building on South St.
 1998 - Dedication of Temple Corps building on E. South St. in May.
 1998 - Ground breaking for new chapel building at 124 South Duke Street.
 1999 - Oct. 17, 1999 new chapel building dedicated.
 2001 - Acquisition of 30 E King Street building and parking lot from Waypoint Bank.
 2006 - Renovations begin on 42 E. King St building to transform them into apts.
 2007 - Renovations complete on 42 E King St. building.