Changing families, changing lives

Pottstown Works celebrates one year

One year ago in March, 2017, Pottstown Works was established as a program of The Salvation Army of Pottstown to bring people out of poverty by helping them overcome barriers to work.
In this first year of Pottstown Works:
  • 21 graduated from Job Workshops
  • 8 Pottstown area businesses hired Members
  • 27 people in families, including 11 children, escaped risk of being homeless
  • 75 percent of graduates hired within 90 days after Workshop
  • Average starting wage: $12.50 an hour
In the words of graduates, Pottstown Works gives people hope.


Overcoming barriers

In Pottstown, no car often means no job. No child care means no job.The lack of stable housing and food means no job.Our mission is to help people overcome those barriers.

"I trust this program because they don’t sit on the sidelines. Coaches work with you to look for a job and reach your goals."

-- Tony Stauffer, veteran, father, graduate of First Class, now working at Dana Corp.


Promoting local jobs

Pottstown Works is not a paid placement agency or temporary jobs service.  We are an organization that works to help people gain full-time employment and achieve personal stability. 

We don’t walk away after placement.  Our ongoing support helps employees overcome tough work situations.  We follow employees for one year after placement, talking to employers and working to overcome barriers.  We are utilizing the Cincinnati Works curriculum and model which has a 70% retention rate of employment beyond one year.

Our recruitment fee is $0.  We are funded from a variety of sources including individual donors, foundations, and The Salvation Army of Southeastern PA.  There are no hidden costs.

Pottstown Works is a program of The Salvation Army of Pottstown and a replication program of Cincinnati Works.
To learn more about the program philosophy, visit the Cincinnati Works website.