Catherine Mumford (later Mrs Booth, ‘the Army Mother') born at Ashbourne, Derbyshire (17 Jan); William Booth born at Nottingham (10 Apr).

William Booth converted.

Catherine Mumford converted.

Marriage of William Booth and Catherine Mumford at Stockwell New Chapel, London (16 Jun).

William Bramwell Booth (the Founder's eldest son and second General of the Army) born in Halifax (8 Mar).

William Booth ordained as Methodist minister (27 May). (Accepted on probation 1854.)

Female Teaching, Mrs Booth's first pamphlet, published (Dec).

Mrs Booth's first public address (27 May, Whit Sunday).

Rev William Booth began work in East London (2 Jul); The Christian Mission, founded; Eveline (Evangeline) Cory Booth (fourth General) born in London (25 Dec).

First Headquarters (Eastern Star) opened in Whitechapel Road, London.

The East London Evangelist - later (1870) The Christian Mission Magazine and (1879) The Salvationist - published (Oct).

Christian Mission work commenced in Wales (15 Nov).

Rules and Doctrines of The Christian Mission published.

Revival Music published (Jan).

First use of the term ‘Salvation Army' - in small appeal folder (May); ‘The Christian Mission' became ‘The Salvation Army', and the Rev William Booth became known as the General; deed poll executed, thus establishing the doctrines and principles of The Salvation Army (Aug); first corps flag presented by Mrs Booth at Coventry (28-30 Sep); Orders and Regulations for The Salvation Army issued (Oct); brass instruments first used.

First corps in Scotland opened (24 Mar) and Channel Islands (14 Aug); cadets first trained; introduction of uniform; first corps band formed in Consett; issue No 1 of The War Cry published (27 Dec).

First training home opened, at Hackney, London; first contingent of SA officers landed in the United States of America (10 Mar); SA work commenced in Ireland (7 May); children's meetings commenced at Blyth (30 Jul); SA work extended to Australia (5 Sep).

Work begun in France (13 Mar); The Little Soldier (subsequently The Young Soldier) issued (27 Aug); The Doctrines and Disciplines of The Salvation Army prepared for use at training homes for Salvation Army officers; Headquarters removed to Queen Victoria Street, London (8 Sep).

The Founder's first visit to France (Mar); former London Orphan Asylum opened as Clapton Congress Hall and National Training Barracks (13 May); work begun in Canada (21 May), India (19 Sep), Switzerland (22 Dec) and Sweden (28 Dec).

Work begun in Sri Lanka (26 Jan), South Africa (4 Mar), New Zealand (1 Apr), Isle of Man (17 Jun) and Pakistan (then a part of India); first prison-gate home opened in Melbourne, Australia (8 Dec); The Doctrines and Disciplines of The Salvation Army published in a public edition.

Women's Social Work inaugurated; The Soldier's Guide published (Apr); work begun in St Helena (5 May); The Salvation Army Band Journal issued (Aug); All the World issued (Nov).

Orders and Regulations for Divisional Officers published (10 Jun); The Doctrines of The Salvation Army published; Purity Agitation launched; Criminal Law Amendment Act became law on 14 Aug; trial (began 23 Oct) and acquittal of Bramwell Booth - charged, with W. T. Stead, in connection with the ‘Maiden Tribute' campaign.

Work begun in Newfoundland (1 Feb); first International Congress in London (28 May-4 Jun); The Musical Salvationist issued (Jul); first Self-Denial Week (4-11 Sep); first slum corps opened at Walworth, London, by ‘Mother' Webb (20 Sep); work begun in Germany (14 Nov); Orders and Regulations for Field Officers published; the Founder first visited the United States and Canada.

Work began in Italy (20 Feb), Denmark (8 May), Netherlands (8 May) and Jamaica (16 Dec); the Founder's first visit to Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Young people's work organised throughout Great Britain; first food depot opened, in Limehouse, London (Jan); work begun in Norway (22 Jan); first junior soldiers' brass band (Clapton); the Army Mother's last public address at City Temple, London (21 Jun).

Work begun in Belgium (5 May) and Finland (8 Nov); The Deliverer published (Jul).

Work begun in Argentina (1 Jan); Orders and Regulations for Soldiers of The Salvation Army issued (Aug); the Army Mother promoted to Glory (4 Oct); In Darkest England and the Way Out, by the Founder, published (Oct); work begun in Uruguay (16 Nov); banking department opened (registered as The Salvation Army Bank, 1891; Reliance Bank Ltd, 28 Dec 1900).

The Founder publicly signed ‘Darkest England' (now The Salvation Army Social Work) Trust Deed (30 Jan); £108,000 subscribed for ‘Darkest England' scheme (Feb); Land and Industrial Colony, Hadleigh, Essex, established (2 May); International Staff Band inaugurated (Oct); work begun in Zimbabwe (21 Nov) and Zululand (22 Nov); the Founder's first visit to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India; the charter of The Methodist and General Assurance Society acquired.

Eastbourne (UK) verdict against Salvationists quashed in the High Court of Justice (27 Jan); Band of Love inaugurated; League of Mercy begun in Canada (Dec).

Grace-Before-Meat scheme instituted; The Officer issued (Jan).

Second International Congress (Jul); work begun in Hawaiian Islands (13 Sep) and Java (now part of Indonesia) (24 Nov); naval and military league (later red shield services) established (Nov); Swiss Supreme Court granted religious rights to SA (Dec).

Work begun in British Guiana (now Guyana) (24 Apr), Iceland (12 May), Japan (4 Sep) and Gibraltar (until 1968).

Young people's legion (Jan) and corps cadet brigades (Feb) inaugurated; work begun in Bermuda (12 Jan) and Malta (25 Jul until 1972); first SA exhibition, Agricultural Hall, London, England (1-10 Aug).

First united young people's meetings (later termed ‘councils') (14 Mar); first International Social Council in London, England (28, 29 Sep); first SA hospital founded at Nagercoil, India (Dec).

Orders and Regulations for Social Officers published; work begun in Barbados (30 Apr) and Alaska; first united corps cadet camp at Hadleigh (Whitsun).

First bandsmen's councils, Clapton (10 Dec).

Work begun in Trinidad (7 Aug).

Work begun in St Lucia (Sep) and Grenada.

Migration Department inaugurated (became Reliance World Travel Ltd, 1981; closed 31 May 2001); work begun in Antigua.

Third International Congress (24 Jun-8 Jul); Founder received by King Edward VII at Buckingham Palace (24 Jun); Founder's first motor campaign (Aug); work begun in Panama (Dec).

The Founder campaigned in the Holy Land, Australia and New Zealand (Mar-Jun); first emigrant ship chartered by SA sailed for Canada (26 Apr); opening of International Staff Lodge (later College, now International College for Officers) (11 May); work begun in St Vincent (Aug). Freedom of London conferred on the Founder (26 Oct); Freedom of Nottingham conferred on the Founder (6 Nov).

The YP (later The Warrior, then Vanguard) and The Salvation Army Year Book issued; Freedom of Kirkcaldy conferred on the Founder (16 Apr).

Anti-Suicide Bureau established (Jan); Home League inaugurated (28 Jan); The Bandsman and Songster (later The Musician) issued (6 Apr); honorary degree of DCL, Oxford, conferred on the Founder (26 Jun); work begun in Costa Rica (5 Jul).

Work begun in Korea (Oct).

Leprosy work commenced in Java (now part of Indonesia) (15 Jan); SA work begun in Chile (Oct).

Work begun in Peru, Paraguay and Sumatra (now part of Indonesia).

Founder's last public appearance, in Royal Albert Hall, London (9 May); General William Booth promoted to Glory (20 Aug); William Bramwell Booth appointed General (21 Aug).

Inauguration of life-saving scouts (21 Jul); work begun in Celebes (now part of Indonesia) (15 Sep) and Russia (until 1923).

Fourth International Congress (Jun).

Work begun in British Honduras (now Belize) (Jun) and Burma (now Myanmar); life-saving guards inaugurated (17 Nov).

Work begun in China (Jan until 1951), in St Kitts and in Portuguese East Africa (now Mozambique) (officially recognised 1923).

Work begun in Virgin Islands (USA) (Apr); chums inaugurated (23 Jun); Order of the Founder instituted (20 Aug).

Work commenced in Cuba (Jul).

Work begun in Czechoslovakia (19 Sep until 1950).

Work begun in Nigeria (15 Nov) and Bolivia (Dec).

Work begun in Kenya (Apr); sunbeams inaugurated (3 Nov).

Work begun in Zambia (1 Feb), Brazil (1 Aug) and Ghana (Aug); publication of a second Handbook of Salvation Army Doctrine.

Work begun in Latvia (until 1939).

Work begun in Hungary (24 Apr until 1949), in Surinam (10 Oct) and The Færoes (23 Oct).

Work begun in Austria (27 May), Estonia (31 Dec until 1940) and Curacao (until 1980); first International Young People's Staff Council (May-Jun).

General Bramwell Booth's last public appearance - the stonelaying of the International (William Booth Memorial) Training College (now William Booth College), Denmark Hill, London (10 May).

First High Council (8 Jan-13 Feb); Comr Edward J. Higgins elected General; General Bramwell Booth promoted to Glory (16 Jun); Army work begun in Colombia (until 1965).

Inception of goodwill league; Order of the Silver Star (now Fellowship of the Silver Star) inaugurated (in USA, extended to other lands in 1936); work begun in Hong Kong; Commissioners' Conference held in London (Nov).

Work begun in Uganda and the Bahamas (May); The Salvation Army Act 1931 received royal assent (Jul).

Work begun in Namibia.

Work begun in Yugoslavia (15 Feb until 1948), Devil's Island, French Guiana (1 Aug until closing of the penal settlement in 1952) and Tanzania (29 Oct).

Work begun in Algeria (10 Jun until 1970); second High Council elected Commander Evangeline Booth General (3 Sep); work begun in Congo (Kinshasa) (14 Oct); General Evangeline Booth took command of The Salvation Army (11 Nov).

Work begun in Singapore (28 May).

Work begun in Egypt (until 1949).

Work begun in Congo (Brazzaville) (Mar), The Philippines (6 Jun) and Mexico (Oct).

Torchbearer group movement inaugurated (Jan); All the World re-issued (Jan); work spread from Singapore to Malaysia.

Third High Council elected Comr George Lyndon Carpenter General (24 Aug); General George Lyndon Carpenter took command of The Salvation Army (1 Nov).

Order of Distinguished Auxiliary Service instituted (24 Feb); International Headquarters destroyed in London Blitz (10 May).

Inauguration of The Salvation Army Medical Fellowship (16 Feb) (SA Nurses' Fellowship until 1987).

Service of thanksgiving to mark the centenary of the conversion of William Booth (in 1844) held in St Paul's Cathedral, London (2 Jun).

Fourth High Council elected Comr Albert Orsborn General (9 May); General Albert Orsborn took command of The Salvation Army (21 Jun).

First Army worldwide broadcast (28 Apr).

Work begun in Haiti (5 Feb); first TV broadcast by a General of The Salvation Army; official constitution of students' fellowship; first International Youth Congress held in London (10-23 Aug); reopening of Staff College (later International College for Officers) (10 Oct).

Fifth High Council elected Comr Wilfred Kitching General (11 May); General Wilfred Kitching took command of The Salvation Army (1 Jul).

Work begun in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (31 Aug); first International Corps Cadet Congress (19-31 Jul).

Over-60 clubs inaugurated (Oct).

Work begun in Puerto Rico (Feb).

Sixth High Council elected Comr Frederick Coutts General (1 Oct); Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother declared International Headquarters open (13 Nov); General Frederick Coutts took command of The Salvation Army (23 Nov).

Queen Elizabeth II attended the International Centenary commencement (24 Jun); Founders' Day Service held in Westminster Abbey, London (2 Jul); work re-established in Taiwan (pioneered 1928) (Oct).

Work begun in Malawi (13 Nov).

Seventh High Council elected Comr Erik Wickberg General (23 Jul); The Salvation Army Handbook of Doctrine new edition published (Aug); General Erik Wickberg took command of The Salvation Army (21 Sep).

Work begun in Bangladesh with cyclone relief measures (25 Nov).

Work begun in Spain (23 Jul) and Portugal (25 Jul).

Work begun in Venezuela (30 Jun).

Work begun in Fiji (14 Nov).

Eighth High Council elected Comr Clarence Wiseman General (13 May); General Clarence Wiseman took command of The Salvation Army (6 Jul).

Work begun in Costa Rica.

Work begun in Guatemala (Jun); Mexico and Central America Territory (now Latin America North Territory and Mexico Territory) formed (1 Oct).

Ninth High Council elected Comr Arnold Brown General (5 May); General Arnold Brown took command of The Salvation Army (5 Jul).

Fifth International Congress (30 Jun-9 Jul), with opening ceremony attended by HRH the Prince of Wales.

The Salvation Army Boys' Adventure Corps (SABAC) launched (21 Jan).

Inauguration of International Staff Songsters (8 Mar); The Salvation Army Act 1980 received royal assent (1 Aug); work begun in French Guiana (1 Oct).

Tenth High Council elected Comr Jarl Wahlström General (23 Oct); General Jarl Wahlström took command of The Salvation Army (14 Dec).

International Conference of Leaders held in Berlin, East Germany (1-10 May).

Work begun in Colombia (21 Apr) and Marshall Islands (1 Jun); second International Youth Congress (17-23 Jul) held in Macomb, Illinois, USA; work begun in Angola (4 Oct) and Ecuador (30 Oct).

Work begun in Tonga (9 Jan); Salvationist first issued (15 Mar);

11th High Council elected Comr Eva Burrows General (2 May); General Eva Burrows took command of The Salvation Army (9 Jul); International Development Conference held at Sunbury Court, England (1-4 Sep).

Work begun in Liberia (1 May); International Conference of Leaders held in Lake Arrowhead, California, USA (6-16 Sep).

Work begun in El Salvador (1 Apr).

Work begun in East Germany (Mar), Czechoslovakia (May), Hungary (Jun) and re-established in Latvia (Nov); sixth International Congress held in London (29 Jun-8 Jul); United Kingdom Territory established (1 Nov).

Restructuring of International Headquarters as an entity separate from UK Territory (1 Feb); work reopened in Russia (6 Jul); International Conference of Leaders held in London, UK (30 Jul-9 Aug).

Opening of new USA National Headquarters building in Alexandria, VA (3 May).

The 12th High Council elected Comr Bramwell H. Tillsley General (28 Apr); General Bramwell H. Tillsley took command of The Salvation Army (9 Jul); work begun in Micronesia.

General Bramwell H. Tillsley retired due to ill health (18 May); 13th High Council elected Comr Paul A. Rader General (23 Jul); General Paul A. Rader took command of The Salvation Army immediately; work begun in Guam and Micronesia.

International Conference of Leaders held in Hong Kong (19-28 Apr); all married women officers granted rank in their own right (1 May); work begun in Dominican Republic (1 Jul); work reopened in Estonia (14 Aug); following relief and development programmes, work begun in Rwanda (5 Nov).

Work begun in Sabah (East Malaysia) (Mar).

International Youth Forum held in Cape Town, South Africa (Jan); first-ever congress held in Russia/CIS; Salvation Army leaders in Southern Africa signed commitment to reconciliation for past stand on apartheid; work begun in Botswana (20 Nov).

International Conference of Leaders held in Melbourne, Australia (12-20 Mar); publication of a fourth Handbook of Doctrine entitled Salvation Story (Mar); International Commission on Officership opened in London, England (Oct).

International Education Symposium held in London, England (Mar); work begun in Romania (May); 14th High Council elected Comr John Gowans General (15 May); General John Gowans took command of The Salvation Army (23 Jul).

International Commission on Officership closed and subsequent Officership Survey carried out (Mar-May); work begun in Macau (25 Mar); The Salvation Army registered as a denomination in Sweden (10 Mar); International Conference of Leaders held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (22-25 Jun); seventh International Congress held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (28 Jun-2 Jul) (first held outside UK); work begun in Honduras (23 Nov).

International Conference for Training Principals held in London, England (Mar); International Theology and Ethics Symposium held in Winnipeg, Canada (Jun); International Music Ministries Forum held in London, England (Jul); International Poverty Summit held on the Internet and Lotus Notes Intranet (Nov 2001-Feb 2002).

The 15th High Council elected Comr John Larsson General (6 Sep); General John Larsson took command of The Salvation Army (13 Nov).

International Conference of Leaders held in New Jersey, USA (29 Apr-7 May); International Music and Other Creative Ministries Forum (MOSAIC) held in Toronto, Canada (Jun); New International Headquarters building at 101 Queen Victoria Street, London, England, opened by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal (9 Nov); IHQ Emergency Services coordinates disaster relief work after Indian Ocean tsunami struck (26 Dec).

Indian Ocean Tsumani Summit held in London, England (Jan); Eastern Europe Command redesignated Eastern Europe Territory; Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Command redesignated Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory (both 1 Mar); International Literary and Publications Conference held at Alexandria, Virginia, USA (22-29 Apr); European Youth Congress held in Prague, Czech Republic (4-8 Aug); All-Africa Congress held in Harare, Zimbabwe (24-28 Aug); work in Lithuania officially recognised by IHQ, and Germany Territory redesignated Germany and Lithuania Territory (Sep); ‘Project Warsaw' launched to begin Army's work in Poland (23-25 Sep); East Africa Territory redesignated Kenya Territory, with Uganda Region given command status (1 Nov)

The 16th High Council elected Comr Shaw Clifton General (28 Jan); General Shaw Clifton took command of The Salvation Army (2 Apr); Salvation Army Scouts and Guides World Jamboree held in Almere, The Netherlands (Aug); 2nd International Theology and Ethics Symposium held in Johannesburg, South Africa (Sep).