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Golden Agers

Another year of Golden Agers will begin as of Tuesday, Sept. 19 and the theme for 2017-2018 is "Join the Journey!"

Club will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Everyone welcome!

Music, Crafts, Games, Devotion, Speakers plus a hot meal.

Contact Tammy Burke for more information and to sign up.

Youth Programs

For boys and girls ages 4 through high school. Wednesdays from 5:30pm - 8:00pm throughout the school year with dinner is included.

Music School: Brass band, Trimbrels, Drama, and Singing along with music theory and Bible lesson.

Moonbeams, Sunbeams, Girl Gaurds, and Adventure Corps. These are similar to other scouting programs with a Christian curriculum.

Home League and Women's Ministries

The beginning of 1907 was marked by another new departure; "the formation of what, for the lack of a better name, Mrs Bramwell Booth describes as a Home League," said All the World. Actually the name proved to be inspired, for it lives today, after more than sixty years, and the League itself is one of the most powerful influences for good the Army has produced. Its object was to combat the growing tendency to neglect the fostering of true home-life and to encourage thrift and hygiene. The commencement of the Home League was one result of the General's motor campaigns. These gave him a close insight into the habits of the people, and he determined to do something to raise the standard of home-life. On Monday, 28 January 1907, Mrs Booth met wives and mothers in a special gathering at Cambridge Heath (London) to launch the new Home League movement.

The four facets of Home League are worship, fellowship, education and service. All women are invited to attend Home League meetings.

‘I will live a pure life in my house ...’ (Psalm 101:2b, GNB)

Home League is held every Thursday at 6pm in the Lounge area unless other wise noted.