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Bridging The Gap  (BTG) is a character education / life skills course presented by Salvation Army staff to fifth grade students in their own school classrooms during regular school day hours.   The once-a-week course runs for one half of the school year and covers such topics as "anger management" and  "empathy." 

The  small group format (8-10 students) offers plenty of time for discussion and sharing.  Community volunteer mentors enhance the subject material with real-life experiences.   Primarily designed to be educational and preventative in nature, the program is open to an interventional role as students share their personal situations, some of which call for immediate responses by BTG or school personnel.  Students have ample opportunity to apply what they learn.  They experience firsthand the rewards of positive choices and constructive behavior.

Bridging The Gap is the newest of The Salvation Army youth programs.  It was first provided to all of the York City K-8 schools half way through the 2012-13 school year.  By the end of the 2013-14 school year over 500 students (including those in the 2013 Day Camp program) will have participated in the program.

The Family orientation of the BTG program invites parents and siblings to a "Family Nite" at The Salvaltion Army at the beginning of the course and a "Graduation Celebration"  at the end of the course.