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The MOST Amazing Race 2017 - Recap

The 2017 MOST Amazing Race sent teams all around Williamsport, using only their feet or River Valley Transit, to complete 9 mental and physical challenges.

Race challenges included:

History Trivia Quiz - Lycoming College Intramural Field: You and your team partner will need to get 7 out of 10 answers correct on a trivia quiz, but here's the kicker: one of you will need to complete the Presidential Trivia quiz and the other will need to complete the United States Trivia quiz. Proceed to the next challenge when both trivia quizzes are completed.

Complete a Timbrel Drill - The Salvation Army: Timbrels are a part of the history of The Salvation Army and are played today throughout The Salvation Army world. Your team will need to complete a timbrel drill (routine) as outlined by the timbrel instructor. Once your team has completed the timbrel drill satisfactorily, proceed to the next challenge.

Fill the Container - YMCA: Your team will need to fill a container of water from one of the 5-gallon buckets. Teams must go down two slides and follow the course outlines to complete this task. Once the teams have filled the container, they are to proceed to the next challenge.

T-Ball Homerun - Original Little League: Each team member must hit a home run at The Original Little League from a T-Ball stand. Once each team member has hit a home run (or incurred a penalty), they are to proceed to the next challenge.

Jump Shot/Slam Dunk - FlyWorld: Locate a pair of Flyworld socks, then proceed to the basketball hoop and make a 'slam dunk'.

Find That Artifact - Thomas T. Taber Museum: Team needs to find three (3) specific artifacts within the museum. Find the point person at the front desk to get your clues. Once finding each clue, take a selfie with each artifact. When you have taken the three pictures, proceed back to the point person at the front desk. After completing this task, proceed to the next challenge.

Scavenger Hunting Unique Businesses - Pajama Factory: Team needs to find five (5) of the specified shops within 

ThePajama Factory. The Pajama Factory is a vibrant community of small businesses, artist/artisans, entrepreneurs and non-profits. After receiving the list of specified stores from the main office, you will need to get the initials from the point person inside each store. After completing this task, proceed to the next challenge.

Bowl a Strike - Faxon Bowling Lanes: Each team member must bowl a strike before proceeding to the next challenge.

'Improv' Skit - Community Theater League: Team members will perform an improv skit on stage in front of a live audience. The contact person and the audience will be judging your performance and will give you suggestions. Once they deem you have delivered an acceptable performance, you may proceed to the next challenge.

There was an opportunity to raise additional dollars for The Salvation Army. Teams went above and beyond the minimum. We thank all those that contributed to the teams.

Team fund raising winners:

  • Chicks With Kicks - $700 (Shelby Rafter & Amber Shade)
  • Team Huggs - $535 (Angela & Lyle Huggler)
  • Space Cadets - $465 (Lisa Mazzante & Brandi Conner)

It is amazing to see the racers treat the fundraising like a labor of love. It's a fun and exciting day, but the racers all know the real purpose is to help support The Salvation Army and the people we serve.

The Post Event Survery showed that everyone had a good time and would consider participating again in the next MOST Amazing Race if they are able; 'Challenges were fun and creative', ' loved seeing my partner struggle with some of the challenges', 'fun day'.


Mark your calendar, the 2nd Annual MOST Amazing Race is scheduled for August 4, 2018. More details upcoming.