Preserve Your Wishes Through Your Will


We all hope to leave a legacy for the loved ones, friends, or to charitable organizations that have given meaning to our lives. One easy way to accomplish this is to include a bequest in your will or living trust that designates a dollar amount or percentage of your estate to a specific person - or to a charitable organization such as The Salvation Army. 

An Honorary or Memorial bequest can be given to remember someone who has been important to you or played an important role in the organization you support. Call 570-344-9878 for specific recognition opportunities.

Creating an ENDOWED bequest means that your gift will continue giving into the future by restricting the principal and allowing the recipient to use only the income or small percentage of the fund each year.

UNRESTRICTED bequests allow the organization to use the funds where needed most.

If you have a specific program or service here at The Salvation Army that you want your gift to support, a RESTRICTED BEQUEST can be used to designate that purpose.

For more information on planned giving, estate planning and especially year-end tax saving opportunities, contact us at 570-344-9878 or come visit us at our office at 500 South Washington Ave, Scranton.