Since 1898, The Salvation Army has been "Doing the Most Good" in Bucks County when it first opened its doors in Bristol, PA. This  was significant, not only because it was the first Salvation Army Community Center to open in Bucks County, but also because it was the first Community Center in Salvation Army history to open in a suburban setting. Community services were discontinued and then re-established several times primarily due to inadequate funding for operations. Various Community Center locations were always re-established in Bristol, PA. However, the actual addresses included Mill St., Radcliffe St., and Beaver St.

Since 1898, The Salvation Army has been a constant presence in Bucks County due to $30,000 in fundraising efforts by H. Wesley Spencer. On October 1, 1966, The Salvation Army Community Center location of services officially transferred to Levittown where it remains to this very day.

Current areas of service include all zip code areas East and South of Route 202 to the Delaware River and North of County Line Road. Exceptions include part of Doylestown and Chalfont areas (zip codes of 18901 and 18914). In addition, we also serve the zip code areas of 18902 and 18938 which are North of Route 202.

Information on William Booth, our organization's founder, and a more detailed history of how The Salvation Army began is located here.