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Youth Leadership Development

Teens aged 13-17 have the opportunity to grow and learn alongside their peers at The Salvation Army Kroc Center. Truly a place of mind, body, and soul, the Center aims to be a positive catalyst for shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Meet us at the Loft on the second floor outside of Fitness to register for these great teen programs!

Spiritual Fellowship

The central spirit of The Salvation Army is rooted in the faith of its brothers and sisters.
  • Ladies/Mens Fellowship | Wed. 5:00pm
  • Teen Talk & Bible Principles | Wed. 7:00pm

Sports & Recreation

Kroc Fitness, Recreation, and Aquatic teams offer physical training and conditioning aimed at building healthy lifestyles for our young adults.
  • Basketball Conditioning | Sun. 1:00pm
  • Weight Training | Mon. 5:00pm
  • Water Workout | Tue. & Thu. 5:00pm
  • Gym + Outside Activities | Thu. 6:00pm
  • Cardio Workout | Fri. 5:00pm
  • Weight Training | Sat. 9:00am
  • Circuit Training | Sat. 9:30am
  • Athletic Development | Sat. 10:00am
  • Track/Field or Flag Football | Sat. 3:00pm

Education & Leadership

Every young person deserves an environment that aids in the growth of leadership skills. We’re happy to give young people a forum for their voices to be heard.
  • Homework Help | Weekdays 3:00pm
  • Leadership Development | Tue. & Thu. 5:00pm
  • Young Leaders Council | Tue. 6:00pm
  • Individual Counseling Sessions | Tue. 5:00pm
  • Free Time/Game Night | Fri. 5:00pm