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Aquatics Area Guidelines

Family Water Park

Our water park is a family friendly swimming environment. Proper swim suit attire is required at all times and includes (this is not an exhaustive list; Center staff may determine what is appropriate for this area, and those in violation will be asked to leave the pool area):

  • Females - appropriate bathing suit or burkini
  • Males - appropriate swim trunks, jammers or speedos
  • Attire that does not meet the above requirement includes basketball shorts, jean shorts, active wear (sports bras, active wear shirts, under armour shirts, compression tights, tights), t-shirts or undergarments
  • Street shoes are not permitted to be worn on the pool deck
  • Swimmers age 12 and under must be accompanied in the pool area at all times by an adult (age 18+)
  • Swimmers age 6 and under must be accompanied in the water at all times by an adult age 18+ (maximum of 3 children may be supervised by 1 adult; for the safety of all, no exceptions will be made)
  • All children 6 and under who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper at all times
  • Diving, running and rough play is prohibited; users must refrain from standing/climbing on pool walls
  • Photos and recordings are prohibited in the pool area unless approved by Kroc Center management
  • Food and drinks are prohibited in the pool area
  • Rules for use of the water park slide include:
    • Children under 48” tall are not permitted
    • Pregnant women and those with health problems should not use the water slide
    • Maximum slide load is 1 swimmer (300lbs)
    • One rider is permitted on the slide at a time; other riders must wait at the bottom until signaled (and the other rider has exited the catch pool)
    • Riders must exit the catch pool immediately after using the slide
    • Riders must lay on back, with feet first, arms and legs crossed while sliding

Warm Water Pool

  • Members must be age 18+ to use the warm water pool
  • Members should consult a physician before using the pool; high temperatures may be contraindicated for those with health conditions
  • Please enter the warm water pool using the steps or ladder and exit immediately upon feeling nauseated, weakened or overheated
  • Use of warm pool should not exceed 15 minutes

Jimmy Moran Competition Pool

  • Swimmers age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18+ unless involved in a supervised program
  • Novice swimmers 17 and under must pass a swim test provided by a Kroc Center lifeguard
  • Starting blocks may only be used by members of the SAKA swim team, when supervised by a coach
  • Please do not hang on lane lines