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Performing Arts Program

A wide variety of music offerings for ages 6 - 17 (unless otherwise noted) and varying levels of experience: Brass instruments, piano lessons, percussion, orchestra, musical theatre, and more! Students are taught by experienced performers and educators who care deeply about each student’s musical development.  A $29 fee will be applied monthly to non-members.


Guitar is able to accompany a soloist or group, play as part of an ensemble, or be a solo instrument in its own right. Both versatile and portable, guitar is a wonderful instrument.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band at the Kroc Center is an opportunity for musicians to come together and create exciting, quality music. The group is open to all ages, although minimum playing standards apply. Players must read music. Space is limited, so players will be selected by audition.


Music Production Studio

Under the leadership of trained music producers, we offer access to the most current music technology for people to explore their creativity.  After a training session the studio is available based on scheduling.


Let's Play!

Let's Play is an intensive music instruction course for children in partnership with TuneUP Philly. We offer small group instruction with Teaching Artist as well as ensemble instruction and many performance opportunities through out the year. We currently offer instruction for Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, and Trumpet for children ages 7 - 13.


Private Lessons

We offer individual instruction on Piano for 30 minutes once per week.  There is a recital/materials fee for this opportunity and space is very limited.
Registration opens in September, January and May