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Kroc Membership & Visitor Guidelines

Thank you for taking time to become familiar with our rules of conduct. As a family-friendly environment, the center does not condone the use of inappropriate language or tolerate conduct that does not support our Christian-based mission.

  1. All membership plans (Individual and Household) must meet age and residence requirements, as stated on the current Kroc Center membership application.

  2. Your bar-coded member ID tag is specific to each individual member and is not transferable; a $5 fee is required for replacement tags, and those attempting to allow others entry on their membership may have their membership revoked.

  3. Guests are offered entry only when accompanied by an active adult member and must register and pay the appropriate guest fee upon entrance to the facility. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and are required to be present with guests at all times.

  4. The following age restrictions are strictly enforced throughout the center:
    1. Minors age 12 and under are required to have parent/guardian supervision while participating in center activities, unless such activities are scheduled and supervised by Kroc Center staff (proper program sign-in/out is required for all minors). Minors not meeting this requirement will be asked to vacate our premises.
    2. Minors under age 13 are not permitted in our fitness areas (must be age 16 or above to take part in our group exercise classes, unless noted).
    3. Minors under age 18 are not permitted in the warm water therapy pool.
    4. For those under the age of 7, we strongly enforce a 1:3 adult to child ratio throughout the center (this includes entry as a guest).

  5. Cell phone use is not permitted in the locker rooms or in our exercise areas (fitness and aquatics); please limit cell phone conversations to the center’s common areas.

  6. Opposite gender individuals (all ages) are NOT permitted in our single sex locker rooms; please use our family changing facilities, as needed.

  7. Soap and water shower is required prior to entering all bodies of water (includes WW pool).

  8. Proper swim attire is required in all bodies of water and does not include common street wear (T-shirts, shorts, etc.). Also, swim attire may not be worn outside of our pool and locker room areas. Please refrain from wearing street shoes on our pool deck.

  9. Outside food and beverages are not permitted on our campus.

  10. The Kroc Center is a tobacco, alcohol, drug and weapon free campus.

  11. The center is not responsible for lost or stolen items; we strongly recommend that all items be secured in a locked locker while on our premises (cell phone lockers for all valuables are adjacent to our Welcome Desk). Lost & found areas (in our Fitness, Aquatics, Recreation depts.) maintain valuable items only. Clothes, towels, shoes, etc. are not stored; items left in lockers at the end of each day will be removed and donated to charity.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the benefit of our entire membership, and thank you for helping us maintain the cleanliness of the center by “picking up after yourself” at all times.