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Fitness Assessments

The first step to any improvement is finding out where improvement is needed! Our complementary fitness assessment is a group of tests to help our fitness staff, and more importantly you, understand your physical standing. Our assessment includes a written report of findings and recommendations for exercise – and features the following (testing may be modified based upon individual needs and/or functional ability):

  • Resting heart rate(HR) and blood pressure(BP)
  • Aerobic Fitness Test (Treadmill test)
  • Grip test (measures muscular strength)
  • Body composition/BMI: measures body fat % and body mass index
  • Sit-and-reach: measures flexibility (focus on core and lower extremities)
  • Girth measurements: measures select body part circumference and provides baseline and/or progress related to changes in body composition

Shavonne, our Fitness Manager says,
"Fitness Assessments are a great way for our members to start their healthy lifestyle, since many don't know where to even begin!"