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Here at The Salvation Army Kroc Center, we believe strongly in the wellness of the body. That's why we offer over 65 fitness classes per week and 2 floors of equipment! We are sure that at least one of our sessions will suit your interests and fit into your schedule. Classes not for you? Utilize one of our many resistance machines designed to get you fit and feeling good. Our fitness staff is eagerly waiting for any questions you may have.  

Outside Walking Path

We are happy to allow our members an opportunity to explore our campus while still getting their daily exercise. Amongst our outside patio and courtyard are multiple paved paths which cover a range of distances for walking or jogging. The various distances are as follows:
  • Yellow: .40 miles (2.5 laps/mile)
  • Blue: .36 miles (2.75 laps/mile)
  • Green: .28 miles (3.6 laps/mile)
  • Orange: .11 miles (9 laps/mile)
Please refraining from using bicycles, roller skates/blades and skateboards, and dog-walking on our campus track and fields.

Before beginning your fitness experience, please recognize our guidelines for the safety of all members:

  • Children under the age of 13 are not permitted in the Fitness Center.
  • Teens 13 - 16 years old are required to complete a “Smart Start Orientation” in order to utilize the Fitness Center.
  • Cell phone and camera usage is strictly prohibited in our exercise areas and locker room facilities.
  • “Gym Wipes” are provided to wipe down equipment after use (please use sparingly).
  • We encourage members to bring a towel with them when exercising.
  • Please RE-RACK YOUR WEIGHTS after use.
  • The dropping of weights is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Appropriate athletic attire and foot wear is required (no flip-flops or sandals) Midriffs must be covered (no sports bras).
  • Please allow members to “work in” between sets