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Composting at the Kroc

The Kroc Center is proud to be giving back to Earth!

Composting is the process of recycling organic material into a rich soil. Anything that was once living will decompose. By composting your organic waste you are returning valuable nutrients back into the earth. Finished compost looks dark brown, like soil, is crumbly and smells just like a forest floor.

Recently, a compost recepticle was built on our grounds for just these reasons and we encourage the citizens of Philadelphia to follow suit! This process is ideal for garden growers. Nutrients put back into the soil is added to the developing plants to build them stronger and more pest resilient. Compost also increases moisture in the soil requiring less watering saving time and money.

Lastly, compost is free! Garbage that would otherwise be going to a landfill is put to good use within a natural, and useful, cycle! In fact, 35% of what goes in landfills could be composted. Less trash means less trash trucks which saves gas.

Here are some materials that are ideal for composting:

Fruit & Vegetable Peels
Too often apple cores and banana peels end up needlessly going in the trash. Valuable nutrients is then wasted when it could just as easily have been recycled.

One of the best composters around! Many cities around the country require you to rake and deposit your leaves in a decomposable bag for collection. Leaves are easy materials to use because they're already outside!

Tea Bags & Coffee Grounds
A favorite of recyclers, these materials are already grinded and waiting to be put back in the ground. Throwing them in the garbage needlessly delays this process.


For more info on how you can set up your own composting pile, contact Andy, our Horticulture Zone Instructor at 215 558 1580.