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Cell Phone Lockers

You Asked for them And We Got Them!

Now you have the chance to lock up your small, yet valuable, items in a personal daily locker at the entrance to our facility.  These new additions are perfect for members traveling light and who only need a small amount of space to store belongings such as cell phones, wallets, or jewelry that would be cumbersome during a workout.

Locker Instructions

If you are having trouble using the lockers please see our Welcome Desk for assistance
  1. Be sure the dial indicator is set to green with the door open.
  2. Choose your 4-digit combination and close the door.
  3. Turn the dial to red to lock the locker.
  4. Spin the 4 digits to hide your combination.
  5. Use your 4-digit combination to open the door.
  6. Remove your belongings and leave the door open

Do not forget your locker number and combination!


(For your reference)