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About Us

The Salvation Army Kroc Center of Philadelphia is the newest, largest, most comprehensive community center on the east coast and represents The Salvation Army’s ongoing commitment to building communities of faith, hope, compassion, and grace.

The project is the single largest investment in human services in the region, with an investment exceeding $130 million dollars. Designed by MGA Partners Architects, in association with PZS Architects and landscape architects Andropogon Associates, and built by T.N. Ward Company, the 130,000-square foot super community center is situated on 12.4 acres located at the junction of several of North Philadelphia’s most troubled neighborhoods. The center will double the amount of services that The Salvation Army currently provides in Greater Philadelphia and will house an array of programs designed to address the economic, educational, health, recreational and spiritual needs of the communities it will serve.

The programs, as well as the building itself, have been designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit, to provide hope, and to transform the life of each and every member of the community.

Joan Kroc, wife of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, had a clear vision in mind: build state-of-the-art recreational and arts facilities in underserved communities throughout the nation to ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts and talents. In 2003, Mrs. Kroc bequeathed to The Salvation Army the largest gift ever given to a private charity with the express purpose of building and endowing Salvation Army Kroc Centers. The Salvation Army Kroc Center of Philadelphia is a fulfillment of her vision and provides an unprecedented opportunity for you to do the most good for yourself, your family and your community.