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The Salvation Army is SANITIZED of Enrollment fees. That means when you want to sign up to be a member and experience all our amazing facility has to offer, you're already halfway there! Just come on by and sign up and you're in. It doesn't get much better than that..

Saved to Serve

In chapter 17 of the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ is recorded in an act of humility and service as He washes the feet of His disciples. The task of washing feet was typically done by the lowliest house servant. The disciples were shocked when Jesus got up, put a towel around His waist, knelt before a disciple, and began to wash the journey of mud and dirt off the feet of His followers. For the disciples, they were baffled as to how and why their Master and Teacher would wash their feet. For Jesus Christ, this was His moment to show what His true mission was – to serve. What an amazing example Jesus was of humble servanthood - “I (Jesus) have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you” (John 17:15.) Jesus chose to show how we all should be willing to serve one another – no individual should be above serving someone else.

In The Salvation Army, officers and soldiers wear two “S’s” on their lapels. These “S’s” stand for “Saved to Serve.” We believe we are saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and Grace of God, thus we serve others as Christ served us. We, The Salvation Army, are here to serve you. Symbolically, we all could live by the philosophy of “Saved to Serve.” Though you may not wear “S’s” on your lapels, we challenge you to do the same – serve others. Regardless of your beliefs and practices, may we all be willing to serve one another in love. Together, through loving service towards others, we can make a difference - “meet(ing) human needs in His name without discrimination.”

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Before enjoying all that The Salvation Army Kroc Center has to offer, we ask that you please read our Member Handbook. We believe that following these will ensure that each and every visitor has an enjoyable experience upon our campus

If you have any questions about our guidelines, please visit us at the Welcome Desk. Thank you for your cooperation!

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