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Thank you for supporting The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region during the holiday season!  85 cents of every dollar raised by The Salvation Army Harrisburg goes directly to programs and services to help children, families and seniors in the local community.  Here are some ways YOU can help The Salvation Army Harrisburg help people in need...

1.  Make a donation to our Online Red Kettle.  A gift in any amount will help serve people in need this Christmas and throughout the upcoming year.

2. If you would like to help raise money for The Salvation Army Harrisburg, click on "Become a Fundraiser" to create your own kettle.  You will have the opportunity to set a fundraising goal.  You can also recruit friends and family to become fundraisers through your online kettle.  

Questions?  Please contact Jessica Johnson at jessica.johnson@use.salvationarmy.org.  With your donations or fundraising efforts, you are helping The Salvation Army to “Do the Most Good” all year long!