"I had no idea The Salvation Army was so efficient in its
delivery," William Y. Giles, Chairman, The Phillies




"I had no idea The Salvation Army The Salvation Army provides at-risk children with educational resources," Frances M. and James M. Maguire, founders, The Maguire Foundation





"I had no idea work on The Salvation Army Kroc Center in North Philadelphia would generate nearly $100 million in economic activity," Rob Wonderling, President & CEO, GPCC



"I had no idea of the breadth of Salvation Army programs that benefit youth," Pamela Browner White, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations and Stategic Development, Esperanza



"I had no idea The Salvation Army provides such valuable counsel," William R. Sasso, Chairman, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP



"I had no idea The Salvation Army is such an unbeatable philanthropic investment,"Warren V. "Pete" Musser,
Founder and CEO, The Musser Group



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