“Work Tech is more than providing jobs, it represents hope, independence and success."  Kristen Davis, Retention Coach/Job Developer, The Salvation Army Work-Tech Training Program

The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia’s Work Tech program provides hands-on training to prepare students for jobs in the cable networking/telecommunications industry. The 12-15 week course, designed by industry recognized C-Tech Industries, is free to low-income individuals over the age of 18 who have earned a high school diploma or GED. 

Students receive lesson plans, interactive projects, and professional development training focused on copper as it relates to cable networking, students learn how to apply their skills to real-world situations.   Additionally, students receive life skills education, in which they learn effective communication techniques, critical thinking skills, interview preparation, workplace teamwork, and the importance for continuing education. 

Students are Educated on the Industry Recognized

C-Tech Industries Program


Telecommunications Certification

Upon Completion of the Program



Students who enroll in the Work-Tech Training Program learn:

Intro to Telecommunications

Cable Networking

Work Site Safety

Cable Networking- Constructing Coaxial Cables

Copper Conductors

Using RJ-11, RJ-45 Connectors and Cat 6e Mini Jumper Cables

Understanding Computer Software/Hardware & Fiber Optics

Cloud Based Technology/VOIP

Job Troubleshooting

Math Applications


Through Work Tech, The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia aims to help students secure employment as a means to financial stability and self-sufficiency.  Outside partnerships support Work Tech by recruiting students for the program or providing entry level jobs for those receiving their C-Tech certification.  Since its inception, students have been hired as cable technicians, as well as sales and customer service positions. 

For More Information About Work-Tech, Contact Kristen Davis at, or call 215-825-4611.