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"Soup’s On! is a first-of-its-kind Salvation Army project, teaching five to seven students a variety of culinary skills in a three-month training class."

— Wiggy Olson, Director


Soup's On! Project

The Salvation Army Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Division has established a culinary arts training program called Soup's On! Project.  The purpose of Soup's On! is to provide job skills training and job placement in the culinary arts industry for economically disadvantaged people. The program accomplishes this through the production and sale of soup products and catering services to restaurants, institutions, corporations and private parties. An additional purpose of this project is to generate surplus income which will be used to support the project.

How to Reach Us!

For more information about the Soup's On! Project, contact Arlene "Wiggy" Olson at 215-452-0430.


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