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Majors A. Philip Ferreira and Susan Ferreira, both life-long members of The Salvation Army, were commissioned as officers in 1980 and 1981. After their marriage in June, 1981, they served as Corps Officers (local pastors and administrators) in communities in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During this time Major Philip was an active member of various service clubs and ministerial associations. In Latrobe, PA he served as president of the local Ministerial Association and of the Kiwanis club. He also served terms as president of the Kiwanis Club in Somerset, PA and Dover, NJ. Major Susan was a board member for Headstart in Somerset, PA.
In 1999, they were assigned to Divisional Leadership roles in New Jersey where Major Philip served as the Divisional Music Director and Major Susan as the Assistant Financial Secretary. Following these appointments, they were appointed in 2006 to The Salvation Army College for Officer Training (CFOT) in Suffern, NY. Major Philip served as a Field Training officer and Music Coordinator while Major Susan Ferreira was Assistant Director of Business and the Business Courses Organizer and Instructor. A transfer occurred to the Southern New England Division (Connecticut and Rhode Island) in 2010 where Major Philip became the Divisional Music Director and Leadership Development Secretary. In 2013 he was appointed to be the Divisional Program Secretary. Major Susan was the Assistant Finance Secretary while continuing to teach the Finance courses at the CFOT and this past year became the Divisional Finance Secretary.

Before becoming an officer, Major Philip studied Music Education at the University of Connecticut. He has been a member of The Salvation Army’s internationally acclaimed New York Staff band for 25 years and has held leadership positions of various Salvation Army music groups throughout his 35 years of service as an officer. This has allowed him the opportunity to visit and participate in the ministry of Salvation Army centers in over 15 countries in 4 continents. Additionally, in 2014 he was part of a music leadership team sent to Argentina for The Salvation Army’s Territorial Music Institute for South America East.

Major Susan earned an Associates’ Degree in Business Management before becoming an officer. Later she continued her education earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and then a Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership.

The Ferreira’s have 3 Adult children. Mark and wife Elizabeth are also officers appointed as Adult Rehabilitation Center Administrators in Brockton, MA; Kimberly is a hairstylist and a Business Service Specialist for Great Clips Corporation and lives in Pittsburgh, PA and Staci is an officer recently transferred to assist at the Philadelphia Pioneer Corps. They take great joy in two young grandsons (Stephen and Graeme) and eagerly await the addition of a granddaughter this coming November.



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