“The Work-Tech program provides  students with a solid career training foundation and a great support system, enabling and motivating students to fulfill their goals and  reach their highest potential!!!”

-Kristen Davis (Workforce Development)

Who are we?

Work-Tech is an Adult Career Training Program, addressing the problem of unemployment and poverty within the community. Through the Thomas Lyle Williams Grant, The Salvation Army has been able to create and develop the Work-Tech program. The Salvation Army is working to meet the needs of the people with its educational initiative, Work-Tech.

Work-Tech provides Telecom training and other skills, preparing students for finding good jobs that will turn into long-term careers.
-Career Readiness
-Life Skills
-Job Placement Assistance
Highway to Success 

Program Partners

Join The Salvation Army in Supporting Students, Technology and NEW Beginnings.




Contact us

For more information about Work-Tech classes, call
215-825-4611 or email Kristen.davis@use.salvationarmy.org