Quotes from Trainers

“Family Care provides our clients a safe place to stop and reflect on how their everyday interactions with their children have lifelong effects. The group members engage in conversations about attachment, discipline, cultural values, and generational change, leaving Family Care with new ideas and techniques to help them reach the goals they have set for themselves and their children.”
Jennie and Selma, Drueding Center, January 2012

“I would say that Family Care provided an opportunity for our moms to engage with each other and explore different aspects of their own parenting style as well as aspects of how they were parented. The group discussions were powerful and elicited a range of emotions as mothers were able to confront the impact of how they were parented as it relates to how they parent their children.”
Marilyn, Lutheran Settlement, January 2012    

“Family Care has been a good experience for us. Participants have been able to look at themselves, their childhoods, and come to terms and face things so they could move on to being better parents.  We have seen them be more nurturing, open, affectionate, paying more attention, and listening more to their children. One parent of an older child, after buying her child a pair of sneakers, brought the sneaker box to the group the next week. Inside the box was a note from her child saying thank you and what a good mother she was. She was so excited to show the group because this had never happened to her before.”  Dorethea from Travelers Aid, May 2012 



Quotes from Parent Participants

“What was a significant insight you had from the training?” “The fact that a crying baby needs attention, and is asking for attention when crying.” Another parent said, “Kids need to be received with love and care to be truly healthy.”

“How has your understanding of your child’s behaviors changed after participating in the training?” “I now have more appropriate expectations of what my child should and can do (for example, realizing my 7 year old isn’t 15).”

“How has your awareness or understanding of your child’s feelings changed since the training?” “I now realize my child is a person with feelings who needs to know things about what is going on. I just can’t make demands of him without explaining why and what the consequences are like you would to a person.”

“After taking the training, in what ways do you see yourself parenting differently?” “Now cause of Family Care, sometimes when she’s irking me, I think of you guys and think, ‘Ok, she’s just exploring,’ and I sit back and watch.” Another mother said, “I’m more into my child and not my phone.”

“Have you’re your views of yourself changed since taking the training?” “It woke me up and caused me to look in the mirror and examine my own behavior. I slowed down with a lot of hitting.” Another parent said, “I now understand that most of the time, it’s not him that’s making me frustrated.”