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Senior Center

The center opened in 1968 for older adults and has continued to grow to meet the ever-changing needs of those whom we serve. Membership is available to those who are 55 years of age and older. The yearly fee is $20.00.

The center offers members:

  • Two hot meals five days a week
  • Monthly distribution of 45 meal boxes per month to low-income seniors
  • Arts and Crafts, Recreation and Education programs
  • Health Services including blood pressure testing, nutrition education, podiatry care and annual flu shots
  • Transportation for members is provided in vehicle which is equipped with a wheel chair lift, and includes rides to doctors and pharmacies, food shopping, day trips, overnight trips and transport to and from the center
  • Other activities include counseling, Bible study, and fundraising events such as dinners, bazaars and auctions
  • Exercise class three times per week with a certified personal trainer
  • Membership includes monthly newsletter with program and event details


Senior Project

Members of our Senior Center located at 102 W. 5th Street, can be sighted on Tuesdays and Thursdays busily crafting their signature “Tag Craft Bags”. These unique, one of a kind handbags are constructed primarily with donated can tabs. Parachute cords of various colors are used to bind and thread through the bags. A standard sized handbag is approximately 11 by 9 inches with a strap length of 28 inches. It takes a whopping 1,500 can tabs and 75 to 100 feet of parachute chord to complete a standard sized handbag. Bags cost only $65 and proceeds go directly toward the Center. Not to mention, these bags would make a perfect gift for the holidays! Interested parties may select from our current stock of different sized and colored bags or make a special request for their desired, custom-made style. They can be purchased in person by cash or check.

Our volunteer senior members take pride in helping The Salvation Army’s Senior Program raise money to continue their mission of bringing together our senior community. On Thursday, November 19th, 6ABC stopped by to cover a piece on the “Tag Craft Bags”, which featured interviews with Senior Center Director, Sylvia Holden, and some enthusiastic bag crafters. Check out the news spot here 

The Senior Center is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Senior Center’s custom made handbags please feel free to contact Major Ruth at (302) 472-0770 or by email at ruth.bartholomew@use.salvationarmy.org