Frequently Asked Questions


  • What prizes can my team win?  First Place Finishing Team - $1,000. Cash and Gold Medal; Second Place Finishing Team – Silver Medal and $500; Third Place Finishing Team – Bronze Medal and $250.
  • How do I register for the race? You can click on the registration button which will lead you to an online registration process.  An email confirmation of your registration will be sent to you as well as The Salvation Army.  From there, you will receive any important information and updates regarding the race by email.
  • What is the entry fee for the race?  Your team must commit at least $250 in funds in order to compete.  You do not need to pay a “registration fee” for the race but you may choose to make a donation upon registration in order to get the fundraising started.
  • How many people form a team?  The participating teams are made up of two competitors, no more, no less.
  • Are there age requirements to participate?  Participants may be 16 years of age or older.  Sixteen and 17 year olds must submit a signed consent form.  The Legal Guardian Consent form can be downloaded at the bottom of the FAQs.
  • How does the fundraising process work? Once you complete the registration process, you will see prompts to create a team fundraising form which will allow you to fundraise using our online form, which accepts credit card donations.  Then you can email your friends, family and coworkers directing them to your form and asking them for donations, we also encourage you to use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to tell others and share the link to your form that will be provided after you've created your fundraising form.
  • Will my donors receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donation? Yes. Any donation made online to The Salvation Army will receive an electronic tax receipt directly to the email provided.  All check and cash donations will receive a receipt within a few days of receipt at our Divisional Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.
  • What benefits are there for fundraising more money that the minimum?  Aside from the goodwill and impact your added donations will have to support The Salvation Army, the top fundraising teams will be recognized at the awards ceremony and presented with prizes including gift cards to local establishments.  
  • How many teams will be accepted for the race?  We can accept only the first 40 teams to submit the minimum required donation of $250 by the registration deadline of May 15, 2019.
  • What if my team has not raised $250 by the deadline?  Teams wishing to register or fund raise after May 15 should contact Major Alma Rielly (Email:  
  • Can I register to particpate in the race on the morning of the event (May 18, 2019).  No.
  • What if my team does not reach the minimum $250 donation goal?  If a team does not reach the minimum $250 donation then they will not be eligible to participate in the race.  It should be understood by team members that they are participating in a fund raiser to benefit The Salvation Army of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  As such, any funds raised will be retained for use in Salvation Army programs.
  • Will I be able to make a donation the morning of the race?  Yes, but you will not be able to participate in the race.
  • How many challenges will be a part of the race? There will be 8 challenges.
  • How much time will it take to complete the race?  That depends on your team’s ability to successfully complete challenges.  We estimate 3 hours including a concluding ceremony.
  • Will there be any team eliminations as in the TV show? No.  But teams may receive a penalty if they don't successfully complete their challenge in the alloted amount of time. 
  • Is this race a physical or mental test of ability?  Both. This event incorporates physical skill elements, such as running, combined with mental skills such as puzzle solving.
  • What kind of training would you suggest to increase my team’s chances?  Due to the “mystery” of the race challenges, training for this race is unlike any other.  But since this race is completed in teams of two, you should consider training with your partner.  You may take long walks or runs with your partner.  You may consider working together on any problem solving games and raise the pressure level by using a clock and establishing time limits.  You may want to give thought to how you will approach a food challenge that features foods that may not be palatable to you.
  • What type of clothing would you suggest for the race day?  Check the weather first so you can adjust what would be appropriate and comfortable for a race day.  A definite must is comfortable running shoes and workout apparel.  Consider the possibility that your clothing may get soiled or wet.
  • How difficult is this race to complete?  Some challenges for some teams are a breeze to complete; but others are far more challenging.  That’s why it takes teamwork to be successful. 

Parents of minors participating in The Most Amazing Race must submit a signed Legal Guardian Consent form.  Please click on the link below, fill out, sign and submit the form to The Salvation Army of Carlisle by no later than May 13, 2019.