Stephanie Lesh,  Soup Kitchen Director


For the past 7 years, Stephanie has fed an astounding 35,000 hungry women, children and men in  Monroe County.


"It makes me feel good to give back to the community," Stephanie says, as if . "I just love giving back."


Stephanie is so passionate about feeding people that when we were offered a grant from Sanofi Pasteur to start a breakfast program, she was ready to jump at the prospect of being able to feed even more people.  But she needed the support of her family first.


"Getting to work earlier was a hard adjustment at first because of my kids. Getting them up and ready for school in the morning was my first priority. I worried about sacrificing what little precious time we have together. But when I told them about the opportunity to serve breakfast, especially in the cold of winter,  my husband and kids supported it 110%."


It was easy for Steph's kids to understand her desire to help people because they can often be found by their mom's side, serving people in the soup kitchen.


"Feeding hungry kids really hit home for me. I love the fact that my own children can come to The Salvation Army and volunteer with me. It's such a wonderful experience to share with them. They can see that we may not have a lot, but we feel so grateful for what we do have."


"I have gotten so much more than I have given. How blessed am I?" she says, her eyes glistening.


As blessed as she feels, we feel a million more times as blessed to have the privilege of working along side such a compassionate, loving, dedicated and hardworking person.


"To be able to provide food for those who otherwise wouldn't eat is a beautiful gift," Stephanie says. "I just love my job."