Rosaria DiBartolo - Volunteer Bell Ringer


About 10 years ago, Rosaria found herself homeless, staying in our shelter. A short time later, she was able to get on her feet and always remembered how The Salvation Army helped her obtain housing, clothing, food, etc.


"Because The Salvation Army helped me, and still does, I have to give back," Rosaria says. "And I really like helping people. It makes me happy."


Since then, Rosaria has been a faithful bell ringer, not only at Christmas, but for StroudFest, West End Fair and Race Day.


"I'm always willing to give more where and when I can," says Rosaria humbly. "I like to keep busy and I like helping people. It's what I'm called to do."


Food Pantry/Volunteer Director, Jill Brink, agrees. "Rosaria is very faithful and does everything with her whole heart. And she has a huge heart."


Thank you good and faithful servant!