If you've made a donation to The East Stroudsburg Salvation Army in the past year, chances  are your money has passed through Nelly Quevedo's hands.


When the Bookkeeper position opened up last year, Nelly was quick to apply. '"I have been looking to give back to the community for a while now," she says. "I've lived in Monroe County since the 1990's and felt a pull towards service."


After raising her three kids, Nelly wanted to find a job that meant more than just a paycheck. "I have always known that The Salvation Army was a great organization. I was so happy to know that I would be a part of "Doing the Most Good here in Monroe County."


We know what brought Nelly to The Salvation Army. But what keeps her here? "That's easy," she says with a smile that lights up the room. "Knowing I am part of something that ensures kids have presents to open on Christmas; seeing homeless people drinking a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning; seeing a plate of food on the table in front of a hungry person…" Nelly trails off, clearing her throat.


"Regardless of what's going on in my life, I am reminded every day of how much I have and am filled with such a profound gratitude not only for the blessings I count in my own life, but for the opportunity to carry on the vision that *William Booth started over 150 years ago. Being able to give love to those in my community has been one of the greatest privileges in life."


*Founder of The Salvation Army