Monthly Food Pantry

Clients must register at The Salvation Army 2 weeks prior to the monthly food distribution which is the fourth Thursday of each month in order to be eligible.  The hours are 9:30am - 11:30am.  Clients must meet eligibility requirements and must be here on their assigned dates and times.

What are the Requirements to receive assistance from the monthly Food Pantry?  The client must live in Monroe County in the following municipalities:  The boroughs of East Stroudsburg, Stroudsburg and Delaware Water Gap.  We cover the townships of: Pocono township and anyone living south of the Crossings Outlet, Smithfield and Stroud Townships.  If your borough or township is not listed, then we give a referral to the appropriate food pantry.

  1. Verification of income must have the current year/month. You will need to provide All Household Income that includes Anyone who Stays or Live with You.
  2. Print out sheet from Public Assistance, which states the amount you receive.
  3. Disability benefits; SSI; Social Security
  4. Pensions
  5. Child Support
  6. Unemployment benefits, which states the amount
  7. Pay stubs: if paid weekly we need 4 pay stubs; if bi-weekly, 2 pay stubs.

In addition, you will need:

1.      Verification of address by lease or letter from housing authority/landlord which states who lives there, physical and the   amount that is paid per month in rent.  Rent receipts are not accepted.

2.      Copy of your mortgage statement or most recent property taxes.

All addresses must be a physical address - not a P O Box or RR address.

For all children 17 and under, you will need to supply us with birth certificates and or custody papers.  Please note that a Baptism Certificate is NOT acceptable.



The East Stroudsburg Salvation Army will soon be accepting applications for the Holiday season.The Geographical that is covered is the boroughs of Delaware Water Gap, East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg. The Townships of Smithfield, Stroud and Pocono anything South of the Crossings outlets. For questions on other municipalities, please call Jill Brink at 570-421-3050, ext. 116 or Candi Miller at 570-421-3050, ext. 120.

Applicants will need to supply the following information: Verification of address by lease or current property taxes, (not your tax return), birth certificates and or custody papers for all children 17 and under and all household income. All documents must have the current year on the paper work.