Jayne Marquet, Youth Ministries Director


The East Stroudsburg Salvation Army has been blessed to call Jayne its Youth Ministries Director for the past 15 years. When asked why she is so committed to The Salvation Army and its mission, Jayne replied, "To bring or point people closer to God."


Each week, Jayne tirelessly ministers to children in Sunday School and leads our Youth and Young Adult Groups.  Through these programs her goal is to "provide a safe, consistent setting for fellowship, education and leadership development." 


Leading by example, she is committed to "helping our young people mature into adults who possess the tools they need to become successful participants in today's society."  This is not "just a job" for Jayne. She has been called by God, to serve and provide children  an open and rich environment in which to share their faith and grow into adults who are grounded in Truth.


It is impossible to calculate the number of young lives Jayne has touched over the years but the evidence of her work can be found in their actions. As her "kids" come into the Salvation Army building, they are polite, respectful, kind, compassionate and loving. One day, 3 or 4 of her kids were in the hallway talking excitedly about graduating high school the following year. One young man asked a girl what she wanted to do when she grew up. Her response: "I want to be like Jayne."


What else is there to say?