Encouraged to find motivation by her social worker, Dawn started volunteering one day per week with The East Stroudsburg Salvation Army. Two and a half years later, she comes three days per week and has become a part of the family. "It motivated me just right," Dawn says with a smile. "I like being around people and I like what I do here."


"Dawn is one of my favorite people," Cari Friend, Executive Secretary says. "My heart lifts as soon as she walks through the front door."


Soup Kitchen Coordinator, Stephanie Lesh agrees. "You know when Dawn is here because she walks into the Soup Kitchen and says good morning to everyone. She's so happy to be here and even likes my cooking every once in a while," Stephanie jokes.


"I made friends at The Salvation Army," Dawn says. "Rather than just sitting around all day doing nothing at home, I can come here, work, and feel good about myself."


Dawn enjoys keeping things neat and tidy for us, and does a great job. Dave Morton, Custodian says he couldn't do his job without Dawn's help. "She is a huge help for me. I can count on her cleaning, which frees me up to take care of other things. And she always works with a smile."


Not only is Dawn a good worker, she also has a terrific sense of humor and makes us all laugh. "There is no one else like her," says Rose London, Development Director. "She is one of a kind and I just love her so much."


Lewann Stewart, Food Pantry Assistant agrees. "When Dawn first started volunteering, she was pretty quiet. Now, she's always talking, smiling and joking with me. She's really funny. I love when she's here."


Dawn isn't just friendly with staff and volunteers. She greets everyone who walks through the front door with a smile and kind welcome,  including news reporters.


"I remember one day a reporter from WBRE walked in," says Cari. "Recognizing her from TV, Dawn patted the chair next to her and began to ask her questions. By the end of the conversation, the reporter was taking notes on what story ideas Dawn was suggesting."


"Dawn is real," says Nelly Quevedo, Bookkeeper. "This is why we all love her. What you see is what you get. I can't imagine being here without her."


"I'm really happy that I volunteer at The Salvation Army," says Dawn as she starts to describe her friends. "Nelly is such a nice person, Gloria is a sweetheart, Rose is really nice, Stephanie is a good cook...most days, Lewann is a lot of fun, Mrs. T is so sweet and loving and Cari is ok," she finishes, obviously joking. Because we all know that Dawn thinks Cari is the best :-)


"I like everyone here a lot and I feel good coming to The Salvation Army," Dawn finishes. What she doesn't know is how good she makes us all feel, how blessed we are to have her in our lives and how much we love her.