Kind. Compassionate. Sweet. Good. Fun-loving. Joyful. Dedicated. Tireless. Charitable. Sympathetic. Caring. Devoted. Helpful. Jokester. Workaholic. Faithful. Passionate. Loving.


All terms of endearment used to describe our dear Audrey.


For the past 7 years, Food Pantry volunteer Audrey Barr has blessed a countless number of people with her kindness, generosity and compassion, using her time, talents and treasures. From sorting donated food to shopping with parents in our toy shop at Christmas, there isn't anything she wouldn't do.


"I had a stroke and needed something to keep me going," Audrey says. "So I thought, let me get moving and do something to help others." And lucky for us, she hasn't looked back since.


"Audrey is an asset to the Salvation Army and the clients we serve," says Food Pantry/Volunteer Director, Jill Brink. "She will go without in order to give to others first. That's just who Audrey is."


Not only does Audrey volunteer here in our Food Pantry, she is also an active member of her church and will often drop off food, clothes or whatever is needed to anyone in our community that needs help, often cutting the grass for those who cannot, cleaning their houses and running errands for people who can't do for themselves.


"Audrey does not sit idle," Candi Miller, Assistant Food Pantry/Volunteer Director says. "She works her own personal schedule, like doctor appointments, around her time here."


In fact, Audrey is so committed to volunteering with us that her wonderful husband Tom (married 58 years…YEAH!!!) works his schedule around driving Audrey to the Salvation Army.


"I stopped driving after my stroke," Audrey explains. "So I depend on Tom to get me here. He doesn't mind though. He's a super guy and he knows that this job is a priority for me."


"Clients often come to us at a vulnerable time in their lives; hurt, sad, confused, desperate and alone," says Major Mary Tregellas. "For them to immediately see a kind face and warm smile puts them at ease almost right away. Audrey's love for people shines through and touches everyone she meets."


"Volunteering at the Salvation Army just makes my heart happy," Audrey says with a glowing smile.


It makes our hearts happy too!