Keith Wilcox, 28 of Cranston, Rhode Island has been volunteering with The East Stroudsburg Salvation Army for the past 6 years. What makes Keith unique is that he takes vacation time from his job and other daily obligations to come to The East Stroudsburg Corps and volunteer for Vacation Bible School (VBS) every summer.  He actually uses vacation time from work to travel to come to East Stroudsburg and serve our community.


"Keith starts a count down on his personal Facebook page every year," says Jayne Marquet, Youth Pastor and VBS Director. "He's such a likable guy. He's a perfect volunteer for VBS," she continued.


In addition to volunteering with crafts each night at VBS, Keith can be found volunteering in our food pantry during the day. "He is such a hard worker," said Lewann Stewart, Assistant Food Pantry Director. "He does anything you ask him. And he smiles as he does it."


"Keith is just a pleasure to have around," agrees Jill Brink, Food Pantry/Volunteer Director. "We are very lucky to have him here. He makes everyone laugh and his smile is just contagious."


"He is eager to work," adds Major Mary Tregellas (fellow Food Pantry Volunteer). "I look forward to him coming each year. He is always friendly and always smiling." she finishes.


Back home in Rhode Island, Keith works as a Janitor in the mornings and spends the rest of his time volunteering for Advocates in Action and Colors For a Cause. "I love helping out," Keith says. "I like people and want to help make a difference."


"As his aunt, it's exciting for me to see his enthusiasm," Major Deborah Gingrich, Commanding Officer of The Corps boasts. "He is such a community minded and service oriented young man. He's just the best. Not that I'm biased or anything," she teases with a wink.


While on an Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) call last year, our EDS Coordinator Dave Morton, got to see first hand the positive effect Keith has on people. "He was so helpful. He talked to people and made them feel at ease. I wish he was here more often because I could really use him on the Canteen."


When Keith isn't working or serving his community, he is very active in Special Olympics and especially enjoys basketball, baseball and bowling. In fact, he just took the gold in track. "I love to watch and play sports," Keith says. "I don't like to just sit home and do nothing when I could be out there helping people." When Keith does sit still long enough to relax at home, he enjoys spending time with his family and his cat Willie.


At the end of the week, we will be sad to see Keith go but the imprint he leaves on our hearts will remain. But our staff takes comfort in knowing that the count down for next year will once again begin.