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The Salvation Army Women's Auxilary

Major Paula Spencer The Salvation Army Representative
Margaret Ellmaker President
Charlotte Gordon 1st Vice President
Pamela Shenberger Secretary
Shirley Cranmer Treasurer
Janice Baccino Dorothy Jenkins
Heidi Benfer Shirley Livermore
Carolyn Ferrell Nancy Reynolds
Cindy Fey Bea Remick
Jean Hayes Ann Seidel
Sunny Harris Clare Smith
Jane Hetzel Mary Spring
Erma Hutchison Joann Weidman
Patty Wilson Fran Worthington

We are always looking for new women who would like to join the Women's Auxiliary.

For more information, please call Major Paula Spencer at (570) 326-9187.

The Salvation Army Advisory Board

Each unit of The Salvation Army across The United States has a board of advisors called The Salvation Army Advisory Board. This group is made up of community leaders who are willing to volunteer their time, expertise, and advice to their local Salvation Army.

If you want are interested in finding out about the possibility of becoming an Advisory Board member, please call Captain Debbie Engel at 570-326-9187.

The Williamsport Advisory Board is made up with members from our community. They make up many areas of expertise in our county to include, Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants, Local Politicians, Hospital Administrators, Judges, Consultants, Business owners, Car Dealers, Educators, Home Makers, and Mass Media personnel, as well as many other fields of expertise.

Below is a list of members currently on your Williamsport Advisory Board:

Honorary/Lifetime Members
Christian DeWald Kent Bennett Arnold Phipps III
     Chairman Chip Edmonds Clair Keefer
Michael Reed Jason Fitzgerald Scott Williams
     Vice-Chair Todd Fox John Yahner
     Chair PR/Special Events Rhonda Gingery  
Rev. Jeffrey LeCrone Sid Furst  
     Secretary Jerry Girardi  
Vacation Position Richard Hoschar  
     Treasurer/Chair Finance Christopher Kenyon  
     & Nominating Bill Kieser  
Garrett B. Sanner Russell Reitz  
     Assistant Treasurer Charles Springman  
  Laura Templeton  
  Dan Watson