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The community garden is planted and growing! Workshops are in the works and will be posted.

"Write Your Own Story" contest

The Williamsport Red Shield Community Garden recently held a "Write Your Own Story" contest asking entries to write how their garden plots were able to give back to the Williamsport Community. Firetree took first place and one a $50 gift card to Organic Garden Center. Their entry is below:


Our Firetree Garden Story:

Firetree’s Plot through the Red Shield Community Garden has provided many opportunities through our young master gardeners that were crucial in the planting and development of our plot, to our youth members weekly engagement in our garden’s pruning, watering and harvesting.

Our Firetree plot has provided a sense of community in our local neighborhoods, it has provided education to all involved. Through our summer camp and after school programming it has offered a constant source of food and nutrition, educating our members on making changes for a healthier lifestyle in a unique and fun way.

Our campers and their families, during the summer fun camp, were able to experience the taste of succulent, fresh produce, included in meals like vegetables shish ka bobs, salads, wraps, grilled squash, with the ability to taste vegetables not tasted before like lemon cucumbers, thanks to the introduction from Natalie Turri and Julie Quick. A refreshing drink we treated our campers and staff to was cucumber water, which was a first for many.

We thank you for inviting us to The Salvation Army Community Garden Picnic, it was a great venue to meet with several community oriented individuals and organizations.

Firetree is thankful for the Williamsport Red Shield Community Garden and their mission of Helping People, Teaching People, and Feeding People.


The Williamsport Red Shield Community Garden is built on these principals:


Our Vision

The Red Shield Community Garden strives to meet human needs in Jesus Christ's name without discrimination through three avenues: 1.) empowering the Williamsport community by providing the opportunity to plant, grow, and harvest their own produce; 2.) educating individuals and families about the value of gardening; and 3.) donating the abundance of vegetables to local non-profit entities in the community.

Our Purpose

Besides adding beautification in a local neighborhood, community gardens also offer educational opportunities, produce for food pantries and soup kitchens, and increased long term tangible solutions to poverty. With the proper planning and partnerships, a community garden is an ideal resource for equipping lower income residents with a tool to build pride and empower them to make significant changes to their personal situation.

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